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Clapton Park Tenant Management Organisation

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Mission Statement


As a resident led voluntary organisation Clapton Park Management Organisation is committed to working with the community of Clapton Park in order to provide excellent services and improve the quality of life for tenants and residents through tenant management and community empowerment



About Clapton Park Management Organisation


In 1999 the residents of Clapton Park claimed the legal right to manage their own homes. They formed a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) and receive an allowance from Hackney Council to carry out the cleaning, grounds maintenance and day to day repairs. They also carry out general housing management.



A voluntary elected Board of residents (tenants and leaseholders) meet every month to scrutinise the work, discuss and consult on funding and future plans for the estate from crime prevention and new building developments to parking, play areas and community social events.



The TMO employs a Manager to oversee the day to day running and to ensure that the decisions of the board are implemented.  They promote an equal opportunities policy and actively seek feedback and membership from all Clapton Park Residents.



The TMO holds the purse strings on behalf of residents and seek to be actively involved on all matters that affect the area, empowering residents to be in control of where they all live.